Unify about customer engagement management: today's savvy customer expects a personalized experience based on all of their engagement with you.
02 Nov 2016

Unify about customer engagement management

The evolution of the contact centers towards customer engagement management (CEM) is a sign of how businesses are responding to the changes in customer conversations and customer expectations –...
How Unify endorsed the success of the Brazilian Coca-Cola
18 Oct 2016

Unify + Coca Cola= success

The collaboration of Unify and Cola Cola is a real success sotry in both company’s life. Coca-Cola Brazil integrates voice, video, collaboration, mobility and contact center services with Unify....
Why the SMB is the driving force behind communications technology – Answer by Unify
26 Aug 2016

Unify: SMBs as driving forces of ICT

When looking at potential customer segments for communication technology it’s tempting as vendor to just focus on creating solutions for the enterprise market.  After all, those “big” contracts...
Unify: Welcome to the Game of Phones…..
12 Aug 2016

Unify: Welcome to the Game of Phones…..

In early June, Unify released a family of new desk phones.  Yes, that’s right; phones that sit on desks.  But isn’t that madness when everyone has a smart-phone and hot desks? Well, not in Unify’s...
Trade Shows: Ecosystems of Emerging Ideas and Known Pathways
25 Jul 2016

Trade Show – CeBIT

Trade show season is a valuable time for IT/Comms professionals to educate themselves on the trends in the market and options for the organizations, as well as reconnect with the primary vendors....
The Way We (Really) Work – Unify study of 9000 knowledge workers
01 Apr 2016

The Way We (Really) Work – Unify study

In the Knowledge Economy — where a huge proportion of wealth is held in thoughts, ideas and relationships rather than manufacturing physical products — the traditional notions of work and workplaces...
Productivity Advice to CIOs (Chief Information Officers) from Bill Hurley, Chief Marketing Officer of Unify
17 Mar 2016

Productivity Advice from Unify

Today’s CIOs (Chief Information Officers) have to be business-focused while creating efficiencies and growth at the same time. Having been in and out of IT for more than 30 years, Bill Hurley, the...
Five OpenScape Business productivity hacks designed to make your team perform better
26 Nov 2015

OpenScape Business productivity hacks

In the world of the knowledge economy, time equals money and human productivity is king. The technology you use can either drag productivity down or raise it to new levels. Unify designed OpenScape...
Top 3 Ways the Services Economy is Changing Tech – By Bill Hurley, Chief Marketing Officer of Unify
12 Nov 2015

Tech changing in the services economy

Even as far back as 2004, the International Trade Centre reported, “some analysts predict that by 2020, services will account for 50% of world trade.” This prediction was not far off. This has...
Unify provides unique experience and discusses future of mobility during Futurecom 2015
28 Oct 2015

Unify at Futurecom 2015

Unify, a leading communications software and services firm, will attend the 17th edition of Futurecom, held October 26th to 29th at Transamérica Expo Center in São Paulo. During the event, the...
What can SIP Trunking do?
22 Oct 2015

What can SIP Trunking do?

Achieve significant cost-savings and simplify your enterprise infrastructure by consolidating your network connectivity through SIP trunking. How is it possible? SIP trunking allows your...
What telephone cables has joined together, let no IP technology separate – Unify and Enterprise Group cooperation nowadays
03 Sep 2015

Unify and Enterprise Group

Matheser Dániel Ügyfélmenedzser In the past, we have worked representing the same logo, and we have been spreading communication systems based on fixed line voice telephony in Hungary and –...
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EMMA 5.0
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